How to take back the power in your relationship

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how to take back the power in your relationship

If only my relationship could work, I would be so happy, that's the only thing that is missing in my life. If only I had that dream job, my life would. Taking your power back means you have to take the actions. .. Margaret Paul, Ph.D., is a best-selling author, relationship expert, and Inner. Has anyone ever told you that you're too needy in relationships? Have you ever felt like you're too needy? Self-disclosure alert: This is a problem I used to have.

You have it, you might as well use it. Imagine that you have your power and your self-esteem in a valuable looking box. Inside the box is your values, your sense of self, your boundaries and of course your power, amongst other things. Now you walk around through life with your hands outstretched with the box in your hand, trying to offload it.

The bloody things like a hot potato! Eventually when he goes, you get back the box. Busted and worn looking. And so the cycle goes on. Eventually, when you have an epiphany your enough momentyou discover that what you had in the box is a renewable resource that you can grow again. The more you use them and nurture, the more they grow. You get the idea…. After speaking with a few people about power recently, here are my key lessons for gaining back your power: You determine your value, much like you determine your power.

How to Take Back Your Power?

Subconsciously thinking that if I don't satisfy these criteria, I can't be happy, and the worst thing, I wasn't even aware of it. So at the end of the day, my happiness was always depending of external circumstances and was always in someone's else hands.

Until I decided to get to know my self and to make a connection with my inner self, did I then realize that I am the only person who has the power and that our power comes only from the inside. This occurrence is one of the main sources of frustration, unhappiness, unworthiness and the feeling of being trapped.

how to take back the power in your relationship

The truth is, the moment we look outside of ourselves for happiness is the moment we allow our happiness to be controlled. In today's world everything is labeled. You're successful or unsuccessful, beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid. We are pressured by society to fit into the boxes that have been created to recognize normality and conformity. Every time we put ourselves into the box we lose our power because at this moment we lose the ability to recognize our limitless potential.

When making a decision, you must ask yourself: Only then you will be able to accomplish your full potential.

how to take back the power in your relationship

We give more importance to them than our own intuition or belief. Every time this happens, you lose your power and your connection. One day we can feel at the top of the world, living at the maximum of our potential and creativity, where we feel that nothing can stop us.

how to take back the power in your relationship

This is when we have our power! However when things turn around on us and we can't seem to find the strength to change our situation and become stuck, this is when we lose our power and feed the beast.

A lot of people have survived diseases, rough life situations, horrible relationships or traumatic childhoods, and instead of being victims, they have found power in those events and become stronger. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most successful media leaders and women in the world, was raped by the relative at the age of 9 and sexually abused many more times till the age of She explained that she had to believe in a "power greater than herself" to get through the ordeal, and that the experiences she suffered as a child inspired her ability to empathize with people in her daily life.

I know what it feels like to not be wanted Every time you lose control and let negative emotions control you, you lose control over your life and become disconnected. This is one of the main ways people develop addictions, be it relationships, technology, food, shopping, social media etc.

Because we lose our inner strength and power. When we give someone or something power by neediness and desperation, we lose connection with our own power and true potential.

How To Take Back The Power In Your Relationship by Mr. BoA

I believe the opposite of addiction is connection. When we are connected with our confidence, we are not coming from a position of lack and we stop reaching outside of ourselves. Our self-destructive habits don't control our life anymore and that gives us true freedom.

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When you accept this responsibility, you empower yourself, and empowerment means strength, courage, will, determination, confidence, autonomy and freedom. Instead of focusing on why something isn't how you think it should be, change your perception and if you still feel it's not the way it should be then change the situation. You are the captain of your own destiny and you have this control.

how to take back the power in your relationship

Here are my 6 steps to liberate yourself and take back your power: Make choices for yourself- Ask yourself: Is what I'm doing right now empowering me? Does this help me grow or add value to my life? Do I feel happy and free? Remember if it's not empowering you, it's not serving you.