Ways to bulletproof your relationship

5 Ways to Bulletproof Your Marriage | Backing the Blue Line | Police Wives of Minnesota

ways to bulletproof your relationship

How to Bulletproof Your Relationship. Relationship is fragile, and unfortunately, there are no heavy suitcases wherein you can store it and stick. How Making A Love Contract Strengthens Your Relationship | YourTango. Read it. A Point Love Contract To Bulletproof Your Relationship. How Making A. Bulletproof your relationship by signing this twenty-three point love I promise to put effort into learning how you most like to be listened to, and.

Sometimes we send each other random news stories because they made us think of each other or links to stupid viral videos. Other times, we communicate via emojis.

ways to bulletproof your relationship

The best thing ever is to find a way to work the green T-rex or red haired mermaid into a our conversation. Laugh and Play Together When we got married, John wrote his vows to me. He promised that he would find a way to make me laugh at least once a day. Looking back, I appreciate so much that he had the foresight to know how important it is to have a sense of humor in marriage.

ways to bulletproof your relationship

And you know what? He has kept that promise. Even when his jokes are kinda lame, I still laugh because I know he takes our vows seriously. Get active together doing something silly. Do something that will make you both laugh.

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Or laugh when things are just ridiculous. Like when you are getting family photos and everyone except you, of course is losing their minds!

12 Ways to Bulletproof Your Relationship!

Melissa Soto Photography Bust out a favorite board game, a favorite beverage adult or g-rated and engage in some healthy competition. Taking the kids to the park? Play some good old fashioned Hide and Seek or Chase. Winner gets a kiss. You give and receive affection and your kids see a set of parents who have fun together. Dream Together We share the same dreams for our future as a couple and as a family. We also have individual dreams we are pursuing. We talk about them often.

Sometimes those talks are verbal daydreams where we explore the possibilities. Other times, those talks are a gauge for where we are really at and what steps we need to take to reach another dream.

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  • How to Bulletproof Your Relationship

We talk about the timing of certain things. We make decisions about where to put our resources of time, money and energy. We figure out which short term sacrifices are worth the long term goal. We learn about each other. He is incredibly driven and focused. Have we been disappointed when a cherished dream fell apart? Several years ago, we looked at a lake place with a little cabin and a few tall pine trees.

ways to bulletproof your relationship

Renew and prepare your minds positively to embrace your potential in-laws. In-laws receive too much negative publicity for baseless reasons so oftentimes you enter relationships and later on marriages with expectations of undue meddling and attempts at influencing your spouse by their family — mothers mostly tend to be the main suspects here.

Reveal all your past stories and secrets to your partner. The clock chimed 3 times as he felt a chill drain down his body that had nothing to do with the cool dawn air that breezed through the windows.

A 23 Point Love Contract To Bulletproof Your Relationship

She lay asleep next to him as he felt a strange emotion erupt in him for the first time ever towards his picture-perfect lead-singer-in-the-church-choir wife: Everyone knows that to be rich in our society, more often than not, implies a certain measure of pride. She thought that was the biggest of her problems but had to quickly reorder her challenges when Christopher started coming up with the most convenient excuses not to meet her friends, or even be seen in public with her.

They only found that out when Mr. Kwashie, her father, chanced upon a Skype conversation between them and overheard the vituperations Eric heaped upon her, even going as far as to allege that she had been conducting an illicit affair with her boss at the Secretariat.

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She had been so independent-minded with the belief that whatever problem she had in her relationship was not to be shared with anybody outside it and it was just about her and her inamorato. Always talk with people so they can help you out — no man is an island, you cannot do it alone.

If your intended realises that you are providing every day — food, money, housekeeping — what do you think will happen the day you are not able to do so? Be wary of your potential in-laws! His mother and sisters were so sweet that she closed her ears completely to cautionary tales of relationships with people who went out with men from there.

The house never felt so empty.